Go Eun-byul: Uniform Skirt Progress

I think one of the reasons I like making pleated skirts is because the process is quick. Even though I’m a cosplayer, I enjoy wearing more than making in most cases. Personally, it’s frustrating to stare at something for days on end and still have to wait for it to look like the finished product. Skirts are quick and…not necessarily easy, but easier than other garments.

This isn’t my first time doing box pleats, but it’s the first time they’ve been this size. I did bigger ones for my Shinoa cosplay from forever ago, and smaller ones for a Lenalee cosplay (didn’t work out as well as I’d hoped). I’ve been a knife pleat girl for as long as I can remember, mostly thanks to Sailor Moon. But these box pleats in particular might change my mind. The main reason I love skirts is because of their movement, and the way this skirt moves is new for me. The only drawback to this skirt is that it’s so long. Knife-pleated skirts are twice my waist size, but this was thrice my waist size. And for this skirt in particular, I had to add two lines of trim, which I chose to sew on top and bottom. In short, I had to sew across the entire length of the skirt five times. I don’t know how the cosplayers who make intricate gowns have so much patience! I finally finished slip stitching the waistband, so now I just need to add the zipper.

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