Go Eun-byul: School Uniform

I wanted to cosplay Go Eun-byul specifically, but I don’t have her wig ready so…here are some random pics! For those who don’t know, she’s a character from a k-drama called “Who Are You?” which is up on KBS’s Youtube if you’re curious. I’ll be honest, the payoff wasn’t great. Still, the journey itself was interesting and the characters and their individual situations were relatable.

I think it was nice to actually be able to finish something. I’ve been trying some new things for cosplay lately and it’s been frustrating to start, get stuck and not finish. So I might do more of these casual cosplays where I just bang out a skirt and take some photos for fun. Though, really it’s just a cheap excuse for me to make a ton of pretty skirts in every color possible, haha. XD

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