Chrome Dokuro: Skirt Progress

Yeah, remember when I said I love making pleated skirts? Wasn’t kidding. Like I said before, I was struggling with trying new things, so I decided to go back to my strong suit, which is uniforms. Specifically, military/uniform jackets with pleated skirts.

Oddly enough, while I adore making pleated skirts…jackets not so much, lol. I don’t really mind making a jacket, it’s just that the ones I make are lined, so it’s like making two jackets. Not to mention, anime jackets tend to have certain details, so I have to do those on top of the jacket. Sometimes I have to make alterations for longer jackets or jackets with wider panels, etc. Overall, it’s time consuming and stressful. And just think, I haven’t even experienced the joy of making a jacket from an idol anime. I am always so impressed by the work I see others put into the details of those types of jackets. I have so much respect for them! I wish I had their patience and drive! Actually, there may be a project soon like that with a jacket that requires lots and lots of beads….but that’s way down the line. For now, look forward to more Chrome! She’s so adorable! Love her!

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