Chrome Dokuro: Jacket Progress

Jackets are always a struggle for me because it takes so long to get from cut up fabric pieces to a finished project. That’s probably because the particular pattern I use is for a lined jacket. So even though it starts to look done after I finish the outside, I still have to go back and make the same thing all over again. That means I get to deal with attaching sleeves *twice*…so fun.

Even though the jackets for my cosplays so far have looked similar, they have different variations. For example, the normal jacket pattern has buttons going down the middle. But as you can see, Chrome has two columns of buttons that go down the side. You can’t really see it in this image but the blue stripe on her right goes all the way up to her neck. So I decided to put the actual buttonholes for my jacket on the right. That meant extending the left side of my jacket pattern. Luckily for me, I had already done that for a previous cosplay. That’s the awkwardly cut out piece of white paper you see in the first image where I’m cutting out pattern pieces. The second thing about Chrome’s jacket is the fact that it’s cropped. Technically, the pattern I’m using has a cropped version, so it wouldn’t have been too difficult. But personally, I prefer not to crop it, so I kept it full length.

I plan on taking some photos of the finished product soon, so look forward to it!

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