Alice in Wonderland: Gwen Stefani Version

So, I went back and rewatched one of my favorite music videos which is Gwen Stefani’s “What You Waitin For?” Admittedly, I’m not a big fan of the Alice in Wonderland movie. However, I do enjoy all the fashion inspired by it. In the video, there’s this one scene where Gwen is pushed into a pool, and then they make it look like she’s drowning/floating and it gives me the shivers whenever I watch it. When I was younger I thought “this is the closest thing I’ve seen to a live action magical girl transformation sequence!!!” So, fast forward to me watching this now and thinking, “Man, I really wish I had a jacket like that….” Then….it dawned on me that I’m a cosplayer. XD

I was lucky enough to find McCall’s pattern M7513. Usually, I only find patterns that vaguely match what I need and then I have to alter them. Even though the music video could fall under the category of fantasy, the jacket is more based in reality than most things I’ve cosplayed. *Sighs internally at all the alterations I have to make for P5R Violet’s jacket* *Sighs at Blake’s Vol 7 jacket* Anyway, I like having a pattern where I can just cut and go. It turned out really well too! I wish I were a better photographer so I could showcase the real beauty of the pleats. They’re so gorgeous in person!

The one thing that bothers me about the jacket is the seam connecting the top and bottom. It’s probably the way I sewed it, but it looks a bit…unnatural. The jacket needed a belt to go with it anyway, so it turned out fine in the end. Though, I really wanted to make a belt of fabric that would tie into a bow at the back. I might get some fabric for that or maybe purchase some wide ribbon…we’ll see.

I’m tempted to do a Queen of Hearts jacket. If I do, it’ll probably be a while from now. I have some interesting things in my queue that I’d like to get to first.

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