Cardia Beckford: Planning

I knew I wanted to cosplay Cardia as soon as I saw her design in the anime. The problem was, the anime wasn’t great, so I lost interest. But now that I’m almost finished with the Guardians of Rebirth game, I love Cardia and I decided I really want to do it. However, I will probably be skipping the huge part of the dress. There are several reasons for this, the main one being that I don’t want to do it. I don’t have any experience with things like long dresses/ball gowns yet. Plus, whenever we do get back to attending cons physically, I’d need the mobility. The only place I would wear something so large is Katsucon. Also, I’m personally more interested in the smaller skirt, because skirts are my niche. (That said, don’t be surprised if I come back and complain about how incomplete it looks and end up doing the larger skirt despite myself.)

I use Yaya Han’s patterns/fabrics for a lot of things, so I’ll be using her underbust corset pattern and her gloves/boot cover pattern. I might use my own pattern for the skirt, unless I find a good one. I still don’t know what fabric I want to use for it honestly…

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