Cardia Beckford: Corset Progress

I was working on her for a while, but then I got burned out and had to take a break. But when I heard that Wintertide Miracles is coming to Switch on February 25th – and that there might be some beach scenes – I got motivated all over again! She will definitely not be done by then though, so don’t get your hopes up. šŸ™‚

I foolishly believed that this would be easier than my usual jackets, because this doesn’t have sleeves. However, I had to cut the pattern out in the fabric, lining, and twice in the sew-in interfacing. Additionally, I have to insert boning, which means lots of topstitching. And I just found out that I didn’t purchase enough boning, so now I have to wait for that to come in. In short, it’s just as difficult as a regular jacket. Nothing has changed… That aside, I’m excited now that it’s starting to take shape!

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