Kasumi Yoshizawa: School Uniform

Cosplay Skirt: Ann Takamaki Uniform from Miccostumes

Wig: Dark Red Phoebe from EpicCosplay

Big Fluffy Red Bow: Made by me

Since Persona 5 Strikers is coming out soon, it made me realize that I never posted these here (even though Kasumi will not be in Strikers)! To be honest, I hesitated because these shoots didn’t turn out as well as my Ann shoot. So here are the very few cute ones out of a good 50+ shots.

As I mentioned in my Ann post, I didn’t play all the way through the original Persona 5. But I did finish Royal first hand (mostly)! Sadly…I didn’t get my ranks high enough for the two new confidants and so I missed out on Kasumi’s story entirely… So I did what anyone else would do in that situation: I went on Youtube and watched all the cutscenes for her story. And it was amazing! Lots of surprises and feels, and I’m glad I experienced it. I highly recommend it for people who loved the original.

I’m thinking of making a Violet cosplay for Halloween, but I’m not completely sure yet. Keep your eyes peeled!

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