Rion Kugayama: Jacket Progress

I ordered custom fabric for Rion’s jacket and I’m so psyched at how cute it looks! These pictures don’t do it justice.

I only bought a yard, because I thought that would be more than enough and honestly I’m kind of tired of having excess fabric. Like you don’t understand how much scrap fabric comes from me buying 2 yards when I only need 1 1/8. Funny enough, the one time I try to only get as much as I think I’ll need…it’s just barely within the limit. To be fair, the fabric was shorter than I thought (53″ instead of 58″), so that’s my fault for misreading the information. I didn’t even have enough to cut the front facing…it was that close…

I’m sure I mentioned it in my planning post, but I’m using the same pattern as I did for my Alice jacket. I was so focused on the measurements guide I forgot to look at the finished garment sizes, so the jacket ended up being a bit larger than it needed to be. For Rion I will be stepping down a size. I did a quick mock up just to make sure, and it looks like it will fit. Technically, the hardest part is halfway done. Things should progress smoothly after I cut the lining. Right now I’m trying to find the right trim, so hopefully the jacket will be sewn together by the time it arrives. But I’ve decided that cosplay isn’t as much of a priority for me right now, so I’ll take my time.

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