Fresh Bouquet of Manga

I’ve been meaning to buy the latest Natsume for a while, but I’ve been distracted. Then I got wind of a sale on Sublime manga on RightStuf. Unfortunately, most of the volumes of WGFL are sold out there (great manga, makes perfect sense), so I had to get them from Amazon. Blue Exorcist *just* came out, so I ordered that as well.

I promised myself that if I started any new manga, I’d buy it digitally. I simply don’t have room to drown myself in books like Sheska from FMA. With Natsume, I love the series from the bottom of my heart and want it physically, so I made an exception. In the case of WGFL…I didn’t have a choice. It’s not sold digitally. Anywhere. T.T So I made yet another exception. I was surprised to find that these are a bit smaller than my other manga. They’re so cute! I’ll probably purchase the remaining ones soon, although I heard volume 3 won’t be back in stock for a while.

Either way, I’ll be doing a loooot of reading this week. What are your favorite manga?

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