Twice 5th Anniversary Light Band

I may or may not have made it apparent in previous posts, but I am kind of into k-pop. By that I mean, I’m only a hardcore dribbling fangirl for Blackpink and Twice. I like some songs from other k-pop groups and artists, but I don’t have a heart attack every time Jungkook from BTS changes his hair (ngl, he is quite handsome). Anywho, while I’ve been following Blackpink and Twice for a while, it took me a while to discover light sticks. I bought Blackpink’s light stick Bbyongbong (Bl-pink-Bbyong? I looked it up and I’m not sure which it is. Please correct me if I’m wrong.) a while back. When I started really getting into Twice, I said “As soon as they come out with a new Candy Bong, I’m buying it!” So for their 5th anniversary they released these light bands and I said, “Eh, close enough.”

At first I was really against getting this. First off, it’s a band, not a stick. I guess that’s convenient because you don’t have to hold it, but if I feel like it’s more natural to wave a light stick back and forth than to wave your wrist around. Secondly, the base kit only comes with the Twice chip. The Twice chip only has the magenta/apricot colors as shown above. The Twice chip DOES NOT have the member colors. If you want the member colors, you have to buy the separate custom kits in addition to the base kit. So for example, if you want Nayeon’s color you have to buy the base kit AND Nayeon’s custom kit (Custom kits only include the chip, not the light band). So you can probably guess why I was hesitant. But after watching an unboxing, I was hopelessly mesmerized and decided that this was something I really wanted.

Now, I could’ve just bought the base kit (~ $32) and been a happy camper. But the point of the custom kits (~ $13/kit) is probably to allow people to purchase the color for their bias(es). So I told myself, “I will just buy the custom kit for my bias(es).”

And that, ladies and gentleman, is what happens when all of Twice is your bias…

Now, I didn’t mind spending a lot on the products, because my desire for the custom kits justified the cost. The part that ruined me was the shipping. The cost of shipping all of this to the US ended up being 2/3 the cost of the purchase itself. I guess the more I bought, the higher the shipping got, but it wasn’t cheap in the first place. If it weren’t for the shipping, I would’ve bought the base kit first to see if I liked it, and then the custom kits separately over time if I wanted them. But in this case, I only wanted to pay shipping ONCE. The problem at the time was that half the members were out of stock. I told myself “If they don’t restock by a certain date, I will just get the members that are there and forget the rest.” Luckily, after checking back every day for a few weeks, I caught them when they were all in stock! And that was one of my Christmas gifts for myself.

So now you’re probably wondering…was it worth it? For me personally, yes. I adore Twice, I adore this light band and I adore each member’s chip (I might show those individually in later posts, though my camera really doesn’t do justice to how gorgeous the colors are).

I’ll drop a link to the base kit if you’re interested. Remember, you *MUST* purchase a base kit to get the light band. The custom kits only have the chip, and do not include a light band. Base kit:

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