ICYMI: gen:LOCK Season 2 has premiered on HBO Max!

After a long wait, gen:LOCK is back! For the moment, it seems to be only available on HBO Max, but it will come to the Rooster Teeth website for FIRST members on February 2, 2022. Also on HBO Max, there is a companion podcast called "un:LOCKED" where they discuss the episode and other fun stuff.

Check It Out: Trese

As usual, I remember hearing a lot of excitement around Trese on Twitter. It's a Netflix original series based off a Filipino horror comic. Luckily, there are only 6 episodes, 30 minutes each, so it's easy to binge. While it is short compared to other series, they pack a lot in. I was engaged almost... Continue Reading →

Check It Out: Wonder Egg Priority

First things first, I want to warn you that this anime touches on a some triggering topics such as abuse, and also contains somewhat graphic violence. So I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who is extremely uncomfortable with those themes. I remember seeing people talk about it all over Twitter, but I had no idea... Continue Reading →

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