Check It Out: Twice’s “Alcohol-Free”

So if you missed it, Twice came back with “Alcohol-Free” today! Compared to their other songs, I think it’s really chill. It doesn’t make me want to dance, it just makes me want to shimmy and sip a virgin strawberry daiquiri. And sometimes I need that. Although, it again proved to me that Twice can make me like music I wouldn’t normally go for. Like, I really liked “Oxygen” but it really reminded me of something I might hear while shopping in the mall. And while I find “Alcohol-Free” to be catchy and intoxicating, it kind of makes me think of elevator music or a ringtone from the early 2000s. But I think Twice’s vocals, performance, and energy really make these songs enjoyable. And who knows, maybe I’ll do a dance cover…

Official Twice “Alcohol-Free” M/V

Twice “Alcohol-Free” Performance on Ellen

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