Check It Out: Twice’s “Perfect World”

So I bet you’re thinking what I’m thinking: “That was fast!” They just gave us “Kura Kura” two months ago! Now they’re releasing a full Japanese album?! Not to mention, this MV dropped basically on the heels of “Alcohol-Free,” which had heavy promotion through all the interviews surrounding it. I’m not saying I’m sick of seeing Twice, I’m saying do they sleep? I hope so. Also, speaking of interviews, I’d like to congratulate MiChaeng fans because MiChaeng basically shipped themselves on Jessi’s showterview and I just laughed so hard. Anywho…

I think I mentioned this before, but I’ve only recently started paying close attention to their Japanese releases. It was specifically “Better” that got me interested. But going through their Japanese MVs, I realize we get a different side of Twice there than we do in Korean MVs. I feel like this is especially true fashion-wise. The black outfits in this MV were kind of like….classy meets street, I guess? But I feel like we don’t see them like that in their Korean releases. And I think this might be one of the few songs where they’re talking about love in a not-so-positive way? I mean, “Cry for Me” definitely wasn’t positive, but there was still a sense of longing for love in the lyrics. But “Perfect World” is more like “I’m so done with you, bye.” It’s literally asking someone to “get lost.”

Maybe it’s because I’ve been playing KBTBB lately, but it’s really giving me those same kind of vibes. The masks, the secrets, the deceit, the lavish clothing- all of it reminds me of the game. If you haven’t already played it, you probably shouldn’t. Anyway, again, I’m loving the fashion! The girls look stunning in red and in black! Honestly, it kind of gives me casino vibes. And when they’re in their lavish clothes, it kind of gives me 1920s vibes. I can’t say much about the choreo at this point, but it looks fun from what I’ve seen of it and I can’t wait to learn it. Hopefully they’re able to put out a dance video soon.

Overall, I will be listening to this song on repeat for the next week, and I will be obsessed with Jeongyeon’s visuals for the next…forever.

See the MV here: Twice’s “Perfect World”

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