Ann Takamaki: School Uniform

Cosplay: Ann Takamaki Uniform from Miccostumes

Wig: Black Rhea from EpicCosplay

I’ve been playing nothing but Persona 5 Royal lately, so I decided to break out my Ann cosplay. I didn’t play through all of the original P5, but I did watch a cutscene compilation, so I was already familiar with the story. Back then, I felt that Futaba was my favorite, but I related the most to Makoto. However, out of the Phantom Thieves outfits, I liked Panther’s the most. So I ordered the Panther cosplay, tried it on and…didn’t feel comfortable at all. It was well made, but personally I felt like it didn’t suit me. That said, my bf and I had already decided to do Ann and Yusuke, so I quickly ordered her school uniform instead. Much more my style. ❤

Now that I’m playing P5R first hand, I’m falling in love with all the characters. I think I understand Ann a lot better now, so I’m happy I already had the cosplay on hand. But I realized that it was difficult to think of good poses. That probably had more to do with me being a novice than anything else, but I found myself thinking, “Wait, what even is an Ann pose?” I find I do better when I have a prop, or if the character has a lot of signature poses/moves (like the Sailor Moon pose I threw in there). It was a bit frustrating. But I did end up with some poses and facial expressions that were interesting, so I’m learning.

On the other hand, I have tons of ideas for poses for Kasumi that I’m excited to share. Please look forward to it!

UPDATE: Check out Kasumi!

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